Both of my children have benefited tremendously from Valeria’s after school Spanish program. Although they understand Spanish, getting them to speak it back to me in conversation was always challenging. Valeria has made learning fun for them! They have enjoyed all of the songs, art, and other projects that she teaches in a full immersion style. When my children speak Spanish back to me, I know that I have her to thank because she has given them the confidence that they needed. She is not only a teacher, but a friend as well
— Jenny Madrid
Both my children are so excited about learning Spanish because of Val. Her teaching approach makes the learning experience fun, natural and engaging. Val often customizes the curriculum depending on the learner’s proficiency with the language. I highly recommend this program.
— Christine Chan
Val created a customized class for my 4th grade daughter and her classmate/friend. She really took into consideration their interests while focusing on improving their oral and written Spanish. My daughter looked forward to her weekly classes with Val, especially the ones where they cooked dishes together!
— Colleen Cutcliffe
My daughter took Spanish with Valeria for several years. She initially started lessons in an after school class at her elementary school, before progressing to a smaller private group setting outside of the school. Valeria was accommodating, affectionate with the children, and creative in her teaching style. She used more formal materials such as workbooks, but would also incorporate “real life” stuff (such as cooking, crafts, and walks to the market) to supplement her teaching. My daughter looked forward to, and truly enjoyed, each lesson!
Valeria is genuinely engaged in the children and their learning, and this shines through when you see your child’s love for the language and the progress!
— Lorena Matin
Having studied Spanish in school and used it in my career and travels to Latin America, learning a second language is a skill that I greatly value for my daughter. I enrolled her in an after school program and in another program that offered summer camp/classes with qualified teachers; however, the curriculum was very traditional and not very engaging. It was not until I met Valeria and my daughter was fortunate to take classes with her that she really began to enjoy learning Spanish. Valeria’s teaching is engaging, dynamic and fun. She teaches the fundamentals needed at the early ages in an engaging way through songs, music, games, art and kinesthetic learning. As my daughter has progressed, she is learning to read and write in Spanish. I am pleased with my daughter’s progress and have noticed she will initiate some basic conversation with me in Spanish. Valeria invests a lot in her students and families knowing that they value the classes she is providing.
— Wendy Dougherty
Valeria has taught Spanish to my 2 children in a small group setting after school for about 4 years since they were 7 and 10. She is a gifted teacher and a very warm, empathetic person. She focuses on making classes fun while instructing the kids on age-appropriate concepts. She treats students with kindness, love, and respect and her lessons are fun, dynamic, and have the feeling of being in a family setting. She understands her students and tailors her classes to their needs by providing a mix of games, arts and crafts, songs, movies, books, and worksheets. She is a great communicator and I always feel informed about what students and learning and what homework they have. We love Valeria and our children have made tremendous progress in her classes.
— Eva Iglesias
Val has taught all of our kids, spending many years tutoring each of them. As a bilingual home, it was important to have their tutor be a native speaker so she was a great fit. Val’s warm and friendly approach allowed the kids to feel comfortable as they did weekly lessons with her. She was flexible about scheduling and was consistently available in-person or via Skype. We appreciate all she has done to support our children’s language learning!
— The Troper-Wojcicki Family