Laurel Classes

Classes designed for students  K-2, using a full immersion approach.

Our sessions are divided into themes, although we always review the basics, and continue to expand the vocabulary, and grammar throughout each term. This way, beginners and non-beginners students can participate, and learn, or practice the language at their own pace while they do art, music, role-playing, games, and the occasional cooking activity.

We provide families with suggestions, and optional “homework” to practice at home. We also share audio files of activities done during class for further review and practice.

We carefully choose the material to be used for each session, so that we can meet our first goal: be the guide our students need to make their  own connections during their individual learning processes.

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Class details (Lower Campus):

Tuesdays 3:05-4:05

Winter Session 2019 January 9-June 12

21 classes for $588 (all materials included)

10% Sibling Discount

No Winter Session at Laurel Upper Campus 


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